Celebrating a Breakthrough Business: Celluma Light Therapy

September 14, 2022 CEO Patrick Johnson and VP of Branding Denise Ryan

In case you missed it, help us celebrate the couple who brought Celluma Light Therapy to the masses and learn the story behind Celluma’s success: the dynamic duo of CEO Patrick Johnson and VP of Branding Denise Ryan. 

In 2000, Patrick and Denise met at an industry tradeshow in New York. They were working for different divisions of the same company and their initial meeting was fortuitous. With Denise living in Connecticut and Patrick in California, they embarked on a long-distance relationship that resulted in marriage two years later. By 2010, both were at a crossroads in their careers. Denise was looking for that proverbial wellness opportunity and Patrick was rethinking his professional legacy. 

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Matt Kovach