Full-Body LED Light Therapy without the High Price Tag of a Bed

September 14, 2022 Celluma Delux

There are inherent shortcomings to light therapy beds – which is why Celluma didn’t design an LED light therapy bed.

Each of the Celluma SERIES of light therapy devices were created with the science in mind; i.e. parameters for efficacy and safety were followed to ensure results and ease-of-use by professionals and non-medically trained individuals alike. Today Celluma devices have the most medical credentials and most awards of any LED device, anywhere.  

And we wanted to make sure we continued this mission when we created our first full-body LED device, the Celluma DELUX. Read on to learn why it is more versatile than a bed, more affordable, and more effective.

The Truth about LED

What we’re about to share here is true for any LED light therapy device. And not because we say so, but because this is what the scientific research bears out over countless studies.

The first thing to keep in mind is to understand the way red light therapy actually works. The emitted energy must first be absorbed by the chromophores in the cells.

Therefore, emitting energy is not what’s important, that’s the easy part.

The Body’s Absorption

What is crucial though is to emit energy in a way that the body can absorb the energy in order to effect the biochemical changes that we are looking for, e.g., boosting cellular energy for enhanced performance.

Proximity is Key

The answer to achieving effective absorption is proximity to the area of treatment (that’s why Celluma was designed to be flexible and shape-taking so it could contour closely around body parts).

So, let’s unpack this a little bit more so you can understand the differences between an LED light therapy bed and the Celluma DELUX.

Inverse Square Law

To achieve the best results with LED light therapy in general, the light emitting diodes need to be placed as close as possible to the skin so the energy can be absorbed by the cells.

This is based on the inverse-square law of optical physics; which states that the intensity of an effect such as illumination or gravitational force changes in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the source.

Problems with Efficacy

Having said all that, this brings up the first issue with the efficacy of a red light therapy bed. The diodes in the bottom of the beds are probably close enough to have an effect, as the body is literally laying on top of the diodes.

However, it doesn’t take into account the whole body. For example, a part of the body like the lower back might not even touch the LED light therapy bed.

Based on the evidence of the inverse square law, there will be reduced energy absorption in this area because the distance to the treatment area has been increased.

What’s the Treatment Area?

The second issue has to do with the beds design.  One-sided beds don’t adequately address general pain conditions since only one side of the body is treated. 

Coverage Issues

Okay, so what about two-sided beds that have a top/cover?

Red light therapy beds with a top side may possibly be more effective (at least theoretically) because they are emitting energy over both sides of the body.

Whole-body LED

However, don’t forget what we said earlier about the inverse square law of optical physics. It is unlikely that much of the light energy is actually absorbed by the body as the bed cover is usually at quite a distance from the skin.

Remember, proximity is key for effective treatment and outcomes. For example, the nose and toes will be close but the rest of the face and body is relatively far away.

The Celluma Difference

Here’s where the Celluma DELUX is a game changer for full-body LED light therapy without a bed.

Unlike other LED light therapy beds costing tens of thousands of dollars, the Celluma DELUX is more like a weighted blanket that can be placed over the body for head-to-toe treatment coverage.

But if the Celluma DELUX is like a weighted blanket, how does it address some of these same issues brought up by the bed in terms of proximity and coverage area?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s break it down so you understand the differences.

Only Shape-Taking Device

Since the Celluma DELUX is like a weighted blanket, it can be placed directly on the skin.

Unlike a two-sided bed with a rounded cover that moves the diodes further away, the DELUX rests comfortably directly on the body so, based on the inverse square law, you are getting the most complete coverage and effective treatment possible.

Woman lying on table with Celluma Delux light therapy

The Celluma SERIES

While using the Celluma DELUX, what about the treatment of the face, you ask?

Well, the Celluma SERIES of devices offers great coverage for facial issues by using the Celluma PRO/iPRO, LITE/iLITE, SKIN, RESTORE, FACE or CLEAR, depending on the skin issue you are looking to treat.

You can place one of these shape-taking devices directly over the face to cover the entire face while treating the rest of your body as well.

While you can’t lie directly on top of the DELUX, you can easily lie face down and still get complete coverage of the back of your body because, remember, the Celluma DELUX lies directly on top of the skin.

There is no issue of any body part not touching the diodes (like the example of the lower back given earlier).

Exorbitant Price Tag

And probably the most important issue with LED light therapy beds is the cost. LED light therapy beds can cost upwards of $50,000 which is a significant financial commitment.

Another consideration is just how large they are. In taking up so much real estate, you would have to dedicate an entire treatment room to an LED light therapy bed and are entirely unsuitable for the average-sized home.

Taking Up Space

And if you don’t keep a steady stream of clients on that bed, that room isn’t usable for anything else. That’s a significant cost per square foot for only one treatment option.

Affordable and Portable

In contrast, the Celluma DELUX was designed to hang on the back of a door or in a closet when not in use, thus freeing up valuable space in your home or practice.

And at a retail price (health care professionals can call in for a discount with proof of license) of $9,995 for our standard DELUX and $14,995 for our DELUX XL (for those taller than 5’6”), the issue of cost and space gets a lot more manageable.  

And with the other devices in the Celluma SERIES starting at just $299, you can develop a package with the DELUX that will provide true full-body coverage for skin and pain issues at a reasonable price.

The Celluma Experience

The Celluma DELUX truly offers full-body restoration because aging is not limited to just the face.

Embedded with technology originally researched by NASA, Celluma light therapy devices work by decreasing inflammation and increasing micro-circulation, bringing relief to a wide variety of skin, muscle, joint, and pain conditions.

The Celluma DELUX experience gives you:

  • Whole body vitality
  • Improved circulation
  • Relaxing and Rejuvenating
  • Enhanced immune response
  • Full-body acne, pimples, lesions
  • Promotes collagen and elastic production
  • Effective treatment for hard to reach areas
  • Enhanced massage and acupuncture results
  • Speed post-surgery or post-workout recovery.

The Celluma DELUX really is the go-to for full-body wellness.

Matt Kovach