In Case You Missed It: Elevate Your Skin Care Routine + Age Beautifully with Light Therapy

September 14, 2022 Community Fav L+A 2021 Favs

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LED Light Therapy is one of the most universal skin care treatments that a spa can offer to its clients. Regardless of the client that you’re treating, in most cases, LED Light Therapy will benefit the client’s skin. 

The value of LED Light Therapy for the skin is based on fundamental science.  It’s quite simple – LED Light Therapy works at the cellular level to encourage the skin to perform better. It stimulates the production of ATP which in turn gives the skin cells more energy to perform more optimally. 

Celluma LED Light Therapy has several unique factors – you’ll want to join Celluma CEO, Patrick Johnson to learn how Celluma LED Light Therapy can improve the effectiveness of your resurfacing treatments, your acne treatments, your microneedling treatments, your nano infusion treatments, and your more routine deep pore cleansing facials.  

 Patrick will help you understand which Celluma LED Light Therapy device or devices will be ideal for your skin care business.  Many businesses have multiple Celluma LED Light Therapy Devices to ensure they are able to treat multiple client issues in a single session.

Matt Kovach